Vacuum Components

Best in quality vacuum equipment and products for vacuum, high vacuum, and ultra-high vacuum applications. Products for industrial and R&D customers

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Mass Flow

Apex Mass Flow Control products for high precision measurement and control of gas flow applications. In addition, we provide solutions for upstream vacuum pressure control

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Life Sciences

Quality and affordable products for research and educational customers, our array of products include pipettes, storage freezers, and bench top equipment

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Free Shipping- Throughout the Continental USA

Apex Sciences is offering FREE SHIPPING on our line of vacuum hardware, vacuum valves, vacuum feedthroughs and our entire line of Life Science Products. This free shipping is UPS Ground to anywhere in the continental USA. 

Apex Who are We

Providing the best in equipment for the science community. Apex Sciences provides the highest quality equipment for the high vacuum, life science and gas flow applications. We specialize in working personally with our customers to discuss their application and intended use of the product. Our advice insures that our research and industrial customers get the precise equipment needed.

Areas of Expertise

Vacuum Science- Products for all levels of vacuum atmospheres. From rough vacuum (1 mtorr to atmosphere), high vacuum or ultra-high vacuum, our products provide the hardware needed to construct vacuum systems. Our custom chambers provide the containment for applications such as vacuum coating, heat treatment and vacuum degassing. Our vacuum feedthroughs provide the gateway for electrical connects or transmitting rotary motion.

Life Science- Our products include the basic laboratory equipment for liquid handling and processing of specimens in basic research. Pipettes, Controllers, consumable products and -80C Freezers.

Mass Gas Flow- Our Apex branded mass flow meters, mass flow controllers and pressure controllers provide the most versatile , accurate and robust precise gas flow equipment on the market. Our units provide multi-gas capability, ultra-fast updates and the best in class accuracy. 


Our Apex Products.....Precise Control......Technology Driven

Apex Vacuum Mass Flow Controller

Apex  provides the latest technology in mass flow measurement and control of both inert and aggressive gases. Our mass flow controllers, mass flow meters and pressure controllers (both pressure and vacuum models available) provide the latest in technology with features like multi-gas capability, on-board gas library, quick response and low overshoot of set point. Control parameters can be adjusted for your specific process. Our mass flow measurement technology is pressure, not temperature based thus is quicker adjusting that other thermal mass flow measurement technology. Apex specializes in high vacuum applications but that is not the limit of what we do. Our mass flow technology is also just as good for pressure applications.

Why choose Apex Vacuum for your vacuum and pressure gas measurement needs?
-Fast response 10 millisecond to measure, 100 milliseconds to control
-On-Board Read-out and settings- No need for expensive display and power supply boxes
-Accuracy of 1% or better for full scale readings
-Multi-Gas selectivity for flexibility in gas selection- allows for less spare Apex devices
-Options such as remote electronics, ATEX rating, low pressure drop, bi-directional flow for real world needs
-Lower cost than other brands when total cost of system is taken into account

Apex Vacuum is a product brand of Schoonover Inc. located in Canton,Ga. Schoonover specializes in high vacuum and other technical equipment for R&D, semiconductor and industrial processes. Visit our sister site at for other vacuum and technical needs.