Mass Flow Meter

Mass Flow Controllers for Inert Gases

Vacuum(to 300 torr) and Pressure Applications

Can Your Mass Flow Meter Measure 98 Different Gases? We Can!

Apex Mass Flow Meters for vacuum and non-vacuum applications combine flexibility with great accuracy. Flexibility to choose from a list of 98 or more on-board gases, to choose your input and output voltage and the ability to use RS232 communications. The ability to control up to 26 Apex devices through one RS232 port, provides your set-up the ultimate in flexibility.

What Makes us Different?

  • 98 or more On-Board Interchangeable Gases
  • Addressable RS-232 Digital Control Capability
  • FlowVision Computer Control/GraphingSsoftware
  • Pinpoint Accuracy of 0.2% Full Scale plus 0.8% Direct Reading
  • High Accuracy Calibration Option 0.4% FS plus 0.4% Reading
  • 200 to 1 Turndown Ration from Full Scale Flow
  • Flow Ranges from 2000 SLPM to 0.5 SCCM
  • For end users, no power supply/display boxes needed
  • RS-232 with software available
  • High Tech, Low Cost

Options for Apex Mass Flow Meters

  • High Accuracy Calibration available
  • Remote Display Options
  • ATEX designs available on request
  • Secondary outputs available
  • 4-20 mAmp control available
  • Battery Powered Unit


  • Vacuum Evaporation Coating
  • Vacuum Sputtering
  • Ion-Beam Deposition
  • E-Beam Coating Systems
  • Gas Mixing
  • High Temperature Furnace Gas Control
  • Membrane Testing
  • Fuel Cell Research
  • Environmental Air Sampling
  • Research Applications

Apex Specialized Option

Apex Vacuum Mass Flow Meter

Apex Mass Flow Meters for Low Pressure Drop

Low Pressure Drop Mass Flow Meter For applications that require low pressure drops across the mass flow controller. Full-scale pressure drops as low as 0.06 PSID.