TLD.500 Hydrogen Leak Detector


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LED & Acoustic Leak Rate Display
Manual Suppression of Background
Automatic Zero
1-2 Second Response Time
Lasting Sensor
Re-Chargable Batteries

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The TLD.500 Hydrogen Leak Detector provides detection of hydrogen in hydrogen systems or in a closed system filled with 5% Hydrogen / 95% Nitrogen gas. (This 95/5 mixture is non-flammable and non-combustible in that the mixture is below the lower explosive limit (LEL) of 5.7%)

Using the TLD.500 with a tracer gas requires the user to pressurize the test piece then use the TLD.500 as a sniffer to locate the spot where the system is leaking. With the TLD.500, you can isolate the leaking spot down to the size of the tip of a pen.

For systems such as hydrogen ovens, hydrogen generators and hydrogen brazing type furnaces, the TLD.500 can be used to sniff the connections to find the leak.

Sensor life is usually at least 1-2 years and the sensor is covered in the 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.


Therefore using the TLD.500 Hydrogen Leak Detector with 5% hydrogen gas is:

* Completely Non-Combustible/Non-Toxic
* Inexpensive Tracer Gas
* Can be Safely Released into the Environment
* Small Leaks are Easily Located
* Dissipates Rapidly to not Contaminate the Area

TLD.500 Product Literature

TLD.500 Manual

TLD.500 Demonstration Video For Small Leak Demonstration

TLD.500 Showing Leaks from 0.10 oz/yr to 0.50 oz/yr of Refrigerant

TLD.500 Features Demonstration

EPA Regulations now require stricter controls on the release of refrigerant gases into the atmosphere. Using 5% hydrogen/95% nitrogen (green label non-combustible) as the tracer gas is the preferred method of finding and locating leaks.


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